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Union Expertise … At Low Competitive Rates!

Carey's Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing quality installation and maintenance of HVAC systems for commercial projects since 1992. Our crew of technicians and installers receive continuous training in the latest controls systems. With our full sheet metal shop, we candesign and build systems to fit ANY situation.

Our Controls Division Project Managers and Engineers are fully trained and experienced in the design and construction of systems for any purpose, from maintaining close temperature specifications for environmental chambers, to monitoring and maintaining air quality, to systems to control entire buildings.

Carey's has extensive experience in designing, programming, installing, troubleshooting, and repairing DDC systems. Our systems offer 24-hour technical support, secure password access, remote troubleshooting, and the ability to receive call-out alarms and e-mail messages for critical systems monitoring. We offer the capability to tie your control system into your office network with graphic capabilities to provide the information you need to determine your system's status at a glance, and reduce unnecessary service calls.

Carey's is committed to providing our clients with the
finest quality service and support at low, competitive prices.

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